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Petits Pas Recitals

We feel it is important to celebrate the hard work, dedication, talent and passion of our dancers. We also want to express our deep gratitude to our student's families for continuous trust and support.

Every year Petits Pas puts on a show!

Each dancer gets the exciting and rewarding opportunity to perform on stage.

Each family gets the chance to see how tremendous improvements their loved ones can make in a few months.


"The Little Prince"
May 18 &19, 2024
Brava Theater (San Francisco, CA)

The stars were aligned and the story of “The Little Prince” came to life on stage! In this captivating adaptation by Virginie Personne and Marie Walburg, we delved into the heartwarming journey of a young prince who embarks on an interstellar adventure. From distant planets to our very own Earth, he encounters themes of loneliness, friendship, love, and loss. Through the synergy of dance, drama, and videography, our performers breathed life into Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s beloved book. 

Video coming soon
Image by Jason Leung

"The vibrant journey of emotions"
May 2023 | Brava Theater (San Francisco, CA)

This year, performers took the audience into the ebb and flow of emotions throughout life. A poetic exploration of emotions and a vibrant celebration of feelings. Virginie Personne led the production and her choreography drew on the natural talents dancers have to engage on stage.


"A Day in Paris"

May 2022 | Brava Theater (San Francisco, CA)

Petits Pas was back on stage with a variety of dance pieces, including contemporary, ballet, modern-jazz, and drama! 
Dancers aged 4 to 55 shared their love for performing arts through an enchanting journey in Paris. 
Virginie Personne led the production and her choreography drew on the natural talents dancers & actors have to engage on stage. 


May 2021 | Recorded

Unfortunately performances with an audience were still not allowed... But everybody worked really hard for another recorded recital! You can see their astonishing achievement on the video!


December 2020 | Recorded

This year has been so peculiar, our staff wanted to organize a "mid-year" show to encourage and congratulate our dancers for their continuous enthusiasm, their perseverance, their ability to adapt in such an unusual time!
Our students created their own showcase (choice of music and choreography) under the guidance of their teachers. We thank them very much for their hard work and creativity!

Screen Shot 2021-06-19 at 5.02_edited.jpg

May 2020 | Recorded

Our recital scheduled at the Brava Theater has been cancelled due to covid-19. We were devasted when we realized Petits Pas will not be able to host this event...
But Petits Pas's community doesn't take no for an answer!
With an amazing enthusiasm, all our staff and students worked really hard to put on a virtual show!

IMGL4605-3 2_edited.jpg

"Music All !"

May 2019 | Brava Theater (San Francisco, CA)

Petits Pas has welcomed a lot of new dancers and the stage we used until now gets too small!
Our students worked hard, they have been persistent and acquired a real talent over the months and years at Petits Pas.
So it was time to bring our 92 dancers to a beautiful theater were their progress were enhanced and rewarded!



May 2018 | Saint Francis Episcopal Church (San Francisco, CA)

Back on our stage with more experience and 60 dancers! What a pleasure to see our dancers perform in front of their very proud families.
This is such a unique experience to go beyond our fears and so rewarding for all the work it takes!

PetitPasRecital2017_watermark (119 of 208)_edited.png

May 2017 | Saint Francis Episcopal Church (San Francisco, CA)

Few months only after Petits Pas had opened, we all felt the need to go on stage and share our passion!
It took some courage for our 30 students! Many of our dancers were so nervous, but the warmth of our community and the dedication of our students made of this recital a promising start!

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