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Petits Pas in the press


What do people say about Petits Pas?

"This place is great! I have never taken a ballet class in my life, and I'm totally out of shape so I was NERVOUS. But the lovely instructor, Virginie, made me feel so comfortable. Somehow these 40-year-old bones followed right along with her easy-to-grasp instruction. The class was a terrific workout and it was so fun to feel like a ballerina. :)  
Now I can't wait to take my little one to a kids' dance class at the same studio. 
Welcome to the neighborhood, Petits Pas!"


"Teacher Virginie is wonderful. Beyond being a very skilled dancer and yoga instructor she is fantastic with children, warm, kind and so much fun. She has set up the perfect dance and yoga classes for little ones. Each class is full of movement, music and a little bit of French. On top of all of this, the classes are affordable. We are so happy Petits Pas has opened."


"My daughter absolute loves the kids ballet class. This was her first experience being left alone at a class. Virginie was so wonderful with her. I had no doubt that my daughter was in good hands. Her verdict: "Can I go to that ballet class again next week??!!!" I recommend this class to anyone looking for affordable ballet classes for little kids. Plus I'm sure she'll pick up a little French!"


"Virginie is a wonderful teacher ! And, I went to this very nice studio for the " Barre aux sols" lesson...whereas I am very far for the ballet Ladies don't hesitate to try this classroom, so good for your body, muscles, spirit !! I decided..of course to carry on with Virginie !"


"Virginie is a super talented professional dancer coming right from Paris!
I tried the Barre au sol class and it's the best stretching and fun class I've done, with an esthetic touch of nice classic music and grace in the moves.
My daughter Zoe goes to the Kids Yoga class every Friday morning and she loves it!
I would also recommend the great program of SummerCamps, looks really nice with dance, yoga and crafts!
Welcome in the neighborhood Petits Pas!!"


My 2 kids just completed their camp week with Virginie from Petits Pas. They had a blast and the end of week show was the most fun and successful shows of all time! The camp theme was Circus Life, my kids learnt some cute 'clowny' songs, mastered acrobatic moves and yoga pauses and did really creative arts & crafts. They came back home today with an amazing souvenir of their camp.
On top of that, the location of the camp was gorgeous: access to a patio with green lawn surrounded by typical Mission-style architecture, we were lucky to have a sunny weather through out the full week. Can't wait for a new round of camp with Petits Pas next year!​


My daughter and I have been going to family dance classes on Fridays since Nov 2016. Virginie is very welcoming, passionate about sharing her love of dance and expresses a genuine interest in her students. My daughter and the other kids adore her.
The classes have some core components that provide a structure allowing the kids to determine how far through the class they are, and there are enough dynamic components that allow the kids can develop different skills or apply skills differently.  Mu daughter's favourite bits are the hello and goodbye circle times at the start/finish of class where every kid gets sung at.
At the family dance class, as the name suggests, you need to be prepared to get involved and have fun as well. ​


I have been taking the Barre au sol class at Petits Pas for several months, and I LOVE it!  It is an excellent strength/flexibility workout and is so much fun at the same time.  I always leave feeling physically and mentally rejuvenated.  I've gone to a few of Virginie's other classes and would take them on a regular basis if my work schedule allowed it.  Virginie is not only an amazing teacher; she's a wonderful person.  Her enthusiasm and love for what she does is always apparent. And, the care she has for her students has shown over and over again.  I can't imagine the impact it would have had on me if I had a teacher like Virginie when I was a child. I'm just grateful that I found her and Petits Pas now!! I highly recommend all of her classes and camps for children and adults alike!


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