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May 18 & 19 at the Brava Theater (San Francisco)

Please find all the performers' info you will need here:

"schedule & costumes"

(pdf file with links per group for tights, hairstyles, and more!)


  • If you / your children perform in multiple groups, please check the information for each group as they may be different.

  • Rehearsals are drop off only, no audience.

  • It is essential all performers attend all rehearsals and regular classes + have the proper attire each time.

  • Rehearsals and shows: for non urgent matters, send us an email.

    For urgent matters (tardiness, sickness,...), text our office manager MARIE-EDITH at 773-255-3504 and send us an email.

    Instructors will not be available to check and answer emails/text/voicemail during rehearsals and shows.

  • All students need to stay until the very end of the show. Pre Ballet 1-2-3 students will be picked up by parents in their changing room (on the 2nd floor, accessible from the theater mezzanine). All other students will meet their parents in the main lobby after the show.

  • Buy your tickets here! Limited seating available - Tickets should be purchased online in advance. Everybody in the audience needs to buy a ticket (children under 2yo on laps are free). Performers DO NOT need a ticket.


Saturday May 18

- Performers need to arrive on site at 4:30 pm

- Doors open for audience at 5 pm

- Show starts at 5:30 pm

- Show ends around 8 pm (performers need to stay until the end)

Sunday May 19

- Performers need to arrive on site at 2 pm

- Doors open for audience at 2:30 pm

- Show starts at 3 pm

- Show ends around 5:30 pm (performers need to stay until the end)


Children performers need to come to rehearsals and before shows with their regular class outfit.

Costumes will be ready for them at the Brava Theater.
Performers will get dressed in their dedicated changing rooms, with the help of our staff.

Costumes NEED TO STAY AT THE BRAVA after the dress rehearsal and Saturday show, including tights + ballet/modern slippers.

Make sure tights are in perfect condition (no stain, no holes).

Please refer to the "schedule & costumes" document at the beginning of this page to check you have the right kind of tights.

Please find our bun tuto here (made for regular bun but technique is the same for low/space bun).

No jewelry, no watch, no nail polish, no dye hair.

Stage makeup tuto here for older performers.

With many students performing and a dense schedule we will do our best to respect the timing given. 

In advance, we thank you for your flexibility and support!

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